Calvin Chung – Content Research & Media Intern

//Calvin Chung – Content Research & Media Intern
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“No way Spirited Away is better than Akira… NOOO WAAAY… sorry was just looking at a youtube of top 10 anime films”

– Kanye West

Who Am I?

I am a Content Research & Media Intern – which basically means I am Jinwoo’s personal slave.

I was born in Korea but moved to Atlanta when I was five years old. Luckily, I’ve been able to eat a lot of delicious Korean food growing up as there was a large Korean immigrant community around me. For me personally, Korean food has become such an essential part of my identity and I would be lost without it. I want to spread awareness and the joy that Korean food has provided me to everyone through Goghism.

I wouldn’t say I am a food expert but I have binge watched a LOT of Netflix shows about cooking (David Chang’s Netflix show, Ugly Delicious, is SO good). I like listening to Frank Ocean, watching movies, cuddling with my dog, and dreaming about delicious food. I sincerely hope that Goghism will help our readers embark on their own journey through the mystical and amazing world of Korean cuisine.

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