Best Kimchi Refrigerator [2020]

The Best Kimchi Refrigerator
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After six hours of research we are happy we can tell you that the 180L Dimchae Chest Kimchi Refrigerator is the best kimchi refrigerator available in America! With its dual-zoned kimchi compartments, various temperature settings, and reasonable storage space, the 180L Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerator is the best bang for your buck. Come check out its close competitors!

Editor's Pick:

Price: $1,699.99 
Type: Chest
Dimensions: 23.6 x 35.4 x 33.5 inches
Capacity: 6.35 cubic feet

If you are looking for a kimchi refrigerator that will store and ferment newly made kimchi, this Dimchae kimchi refrigerator is for you. This chest refrigerator is 23.6 x 35.4 x 33.5 inches, and has two components with separate temperature controls. These separate components allow you to store already fermented kimchi on one side and ferment freshly made kimchi on the other. By choosing the “longterm storage” option, you can keep your kimchi in its current fermentation stage. On the other hand, if you need to whip up a new batch of kimchi the settings enable you to adjust to any fermentation process. 

In addition, this Dimchae refrigerator allows you to adjust controls to the type of kimchi you are storing with its “root/vegetable” and “radish kimchi” options. Overall, this Kimchi refrigerator from Dimchae is the best of both worlds. It allows you to preserve kimchi in your desired stage, while fermenting newly made kimchi, all at the same time.

Runner Up:

Price: $3,149.99
Type: Standing
Dimensions: 26.06 x 24.40 x 73.6 inches Capacity: 11.65 cubic feet

Unlike the first Dimchae refrigerator, this Dimchae is a standing type. Why choose a standing type kimchi refrigerator? To store more kimchi! The bottom two drawers allow you to store four large (18.0L) kimchi containers in total, or two in each drawer. The top section is separated into four drawers, allowing you to store up to eight, medium (9.5L) kimchi containers. While this fridge has most of the various settings as the Dimchae 180L, the lack of two separate temperature controls brings it slightly below its more advanced brother.

If you are looking for a standing-type kimchi refrigerator and need space more than control, this Dimchae’s for you.

Here’s a breakdown of all the goods: Temperature & Moisture Control System: Independent Cooling (3 Room), Direct Cooling System, Cold Air Curtain Zone Kimchi Fermentation Mode: Health Care Fermentation Technology, Various Types of Kimchi Fermentation, One Night Fermentation Storage Mode: Kimchi / Instant Kimchi / Long Term Storage, Vegetable & Fruit Mode, Chill Storage Convenient Function: Defroster Function.

Kimchi Refrigerators Tested

Price: $1,999.99
Type: Chest
Dimensions: 23.6 x 40.9 x 35.8 inches 
Capacity: 7.76 cubic feet

If the first chest-type kimchi refrigerator was too small for you, and you’re not interested in a standing-type kimchi fridge, the 221L Dimchae refrigerator is your best bet. Both Dimchae chest refrigerators are 23.6 in wide, but the 221L fridge is 5.5 in wider, and 2.3 in taller. This Dimchae chest has all the same features as our top pick, but just slightly larger.

Because no one can have enough kimchi, right?

Price: $3,699.99
Type: Standing
Dimensions: 29.7 x 26 x 73.6 inches
Capacity: 14.76 cubic feet

If you’re really pushing for optimal kimchi storage, the standing 418L Dimchae fridge has all the space you need. For a slightly higher price, you can store more kimchi in the 418L standing fridge than the 330L standing Dimchae fridge. Just like the 330L Dimchae standing refrigerator, this option maintains an optimized temperature to keep your desired taste for a considerably longer time with its strict temperature and humidity control.

Why a kimchi refrigerator?

A kimchi refrigerator is designed specifically to meet the storage requirements of kimchi types and different fermentation processes. As with many fermented products, although your kimchi may be preserved, the flavors and textures can change significantly throughout its lifetime. The temperature, humidity, even the container it is within can all induce different fermentation reactions. In a conventional refrigerator, kimchi often becomes too sour just after a week of storing. On the other hand, kimchi fridges allow kimchi to be stored for up to four months without significantly altering the fermentation process. Additionally, kimchi fridges aim to keep temperatures consistent, with more humidity, all to provide the optimal environment for the fermentation process of kimchi. It doesn’t hurt that part of growing up in a Korean home (if you were fortunate enough to have a kimchi fridge) was to be sent into the garage and basement to dig through the cavernous chest of smelly riches in search for the ‘right’ jar of kimchi. So although we might feel a little guilty dispelling the mysterious, almost spiritual, aura that surrounds the almighty kimchi fridge, we figured the state of your kimchi was important enough.

What is a good kimchi refrigerator?

Consistent temperature control is key to guide the fermentation process. Consistent temperatures enable the kimchi to steadily go from one stage of fermentation to the other. If your kimchi refrigerator does not have consistent temperatures, your kimchi may over ferment or not ferment as much as you like. This ties in with another aspect of good kimchi refrigerators – various settings.

With various temperature options, you are able to guide your kimchi throughout its fermentation process. For example, the chest Dimchae Kimchi refrigerators have various settings to effectively ferment or preserve your kimchi. A good kimchi refrigerator will be able to change temperatures to your needs, and keep that temperature consistent throughout the fermentation process.

Having various temperature settings, plus being able to keep that temperature consistent aids in the overall fermentation effectiveness of Kimchi Refrigerators. Without one of the two, you might as well ferment your kimchi in a regular refrigerator.

Kimchi refrigerators are made to optimize the quality and life of your kimchi- consistent temperature controls along with various temperature settings affect the overall fermentation effectiveness of a good kimchi refrigerator.

Being in control of the temperature, and knowing that the temperature will stay consistent will keep your kimchi just the way you like it, or ferment it to perfection.

Why trust us?

In the same vein as our Korean BBQ Grill post this flies somewhat in the face of our conventional methodology. As we don’t have the capacity to go out and test all of these Kimchi Refrigerators ourselves we opted to do the next best thing. We applied similar methods as we have for our Best Restaurants posts: relying on the power of the customer base, researching with integrity (we do not have any ties to with the Dimchae brand), and being self aware enough to know that we are not smart enough to put forward our own opinion. We are simply relaying all of our research in as consumable of a format as we can. Unfortunately, our job in this post was easier… or harder… in that kimchi fridges are substantial purchases; so online customer reviews are few and far between. Additionally, Dimchae is the only company that imports Korean Kimchi fridges to the US, so a lot of of our info comes straight from the source. The seller of a product may not be the most reliable, but given that the source is the same for each of the products we’re a little more confident that at the very least, their information’s validity is consistent across their product offerings.

How we chose what to test?

We decided to make this as easy as possible. We wanted to look at Kimchi refrigerators that everyone in the US would have access to buy, and what is more convenient than shopping through Amazon? We chose Amazon for its near ubiquitous use for online shopping, went straight for “Kimchi Rifrigerators”, and selected Refrigerator that had “kimchi” directly in its name. We settled for all Dimchae refrigerators, because they are the only brand available for shipping in the Unites States. All other brands, such as LG or Samsung have not yet expanded onto Amazon.

In addition, Dimchae is the very first company to start making Kimchi refrigerators. Their history and knowledge on what makes a good, household kimchi refrigerator aided us in trusting their products even more.

Survey results

ComponentVarious Settings (Plain Jane - Hello, Variety) (1-10)Steady Temperature Control (Useless - It's not budging) (1-10)Storage (A piece of kimchi wouldn't fit - Storage galore!) (1-10)Fermentation Effectiveness (RIP to your kimchi - Long live kimchi!) (1-10)
Dimchae Kimchi Chest Refrigerator 180L910810
Dimchae Kimchi Chest Refrigerator 221L910910
Dimchae Kimchi Standing Refrigerator 418L710109
Dimchae Kimchi Standing Refrigerator71099

What to look forward to

We are confident that we have chosen the best kimchi refrigerators available in the United States today, however we’ll be keeping an eye out for any new kimchi fridges that come out on the market and add them accordingly, let us know if you see any you’d like us to review!

Wrapping it up

Overall, all of the Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerators are a great option. The chest refrigerators are great for those who are interested in the dual action temperature controls- a zone for fermenting, another for preservation. When choosing between the two chest-type refrigerators, it all comes down to how much kimchi you would like to store. Both have the same features, such as dual temperature controls and various setting option. However, we believe that the better bang for your buck would be the 180L Dimchae Refrigerator.

If you’re more interested in the standing-type refrigerators, make sure to look at the 330L Kimchae Refrigerator . It offers a slim way to store your kimchi, while still being able to store up to twelve kimchi containers (depending on your kimchi container size).

Remember to keep in mind that the Dimchae refrigerators are cheaper through their Direct website. However, their website does not include the shipping quote and professional installation. Shopping through Amazon has an initial higher price, but there will be no shipping fee + an option to pay for professional installation.

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