About Us

Goghism was started in October, 2016 with one mission in mind; make it so damn easy to try and enjoy the full Korean food experience here in the United States. We want to be the sherpa on your journey to discover, cultivate, and manifest your love of Korean food and share it with those you care for. We are pursuing true, authentic, rich food experiences while appreciating the craftsmanship and nuance that go into each component, all while having fun doing it. 

Gogi (고기 or ‘meat’) + ism (“a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy”) = Goghism

Goghism is meat as a way of life, a state of mind, a dedication of focus and will in pursuit of the perfect meat experience.

We are a team of three close friends who met in college and miraculously stayed connected through all these years. Funny enough this is the most appropriate and serviceable picture we have of the three of us.

goghism group picture
A picture is worth a thousand words?

Why Should You Trust Us?

We don’t claim to be any smarter, more sophisticated, or more culinarily gifted, but we go 100%. We have both dedicated and are dedicated to spending hours diving into the Korean food world so that we can provide you with crystal clear choices we would not only recommend to our friends and family, but that we love ourselves. Because we know that as individuals we are no more discerning then the rest of the world, everything we produce here goes through a rigorous process and cultivated methodology to ensure we provide the best answer on the internet.

Fortuitously, our skills, interests, and lives meshed and intertwined to create a synergistically powerful team we are confident can produce quality content you can believe in.

Jinwoo Kim is our craftsman.

Shinhee Son is our research architect.

Michael Chang is our tester.

We are Goghism.